Gilong Privacy Policy

Shenzhen Gilong Electronic Co., Ltd (Hereinafter called “Gilong”, “We”, “Us”) attaches great importance to customers’ privacy and individual information protection. For all your messages and consulting problems, we shall strictly keep them confidential.

In addition, only if you volunteered to provide us with your individual information (e.g. registration, contact information, inquiry, etc), and we got your approval or we have rights to use these data according to legal provisions, can we collect your personal information. (Such as name, address, contact number and email address).

The purposes for collecting member or customers’ information as below:
1.Collecting the information for verification of identity and recording;
2.Contacting customer for processing the order;
3.Sending new product or service information to customers.
And we also record your purchase histories and products of interest, as well as customer traffic situation and browsing histories. 
These data will be preserved safely according to our internal security policy and be applied to below situations:
A.Processing your order;
B.Providing you with the newest, most efficient and reliable service;
C.Providing customers with customized purchasing experience.

Gilong would reply all legal requests for seeking information, and correct, modify or delete your information when appropriate.

If you have any question or advice, please send email to If you are willing to make a request or have any question or advice on the privacy policy, please click “Contact Us” to send us your question and advice, thank you!

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