New Member of Catering Industry---Tableside ordering December 4,2019.

Over the past 10 years, science & technology has taken the catering industry by storm and modified much of the business’ core operations. Tableside ordering technology is one of these small changes that can make a significant impact on your business.

What is Tableside Ordering Technology?

Generally, we have two ways to describe tableside ordering.
1. The first involves placing a tablet solution in a stand on each table. Customers can use the tablet to place orders, reorder drinks, play games, and pay their check. You may have seen this guest-facing technology at large national chains like Chili’s or Applebee’s.
2. The second option is arming your waitstaff with tablets for tableside ordering and payments.

Advantages of Tableside Ordering
1. Increase speed of service and turn tables faster, reducing dining time helps the restaurant get more customers in and out of their doors. The quicker staff can turn tables, the more guests they’ll serve, and the more revenue your restaurant will earn.
2. Improve customer experience, the customer experience always makes or break a restaurant, that is why it’s so important to provide nothing less than phenomenal service. If customers can order and pay on mobile devices, waitstaff can spend more time with customers, ensuring a higher level of service and satisfaction.
3. Security, credit card fraud is a concern for many restaurant patrons. Fraud is particularly easy to happen at restaurants. Diners hand over their credit cards without a second guess and don’t often see where their card goes once it’s handed over. Such a problem won’t occur on tableside ordering.
4. Reduce receipt printer usage and paper, whether customers pay with cash or credit card, not all of them will need a paper receipt. Unless they’re expensing a business dinner, most receipts are tossed to the wayside once the payment process is complete, so it’s a waste of resources when diners don’t need it really, we can avoid it by using tableside ordering.

Anyway, tableside ordering will make your business better and better.

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